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RZR Wide Open

Performance for the Roughest Terrain

RZR Wide Open vehicles are engineered to handle the rough terrain of the desert and dunes


With a 72" stance, 168 HP, 25" of usable suspension travel and 32" tires, the Turbo S delivers the ultimate combination of power, suspension and agility built to soak up the rough wide open terrain.

Rider-Centric Design

The race inspired cockpit has been designed with optimal sight lines, driving ergonomics, and comfort. Elevate the experience with innovative technology like Ride Command, DYNAMIX Active Suspension, & factory-installed audio.

Proven Strength

Spend more time out riding with strengthened components like the chassis, axles and clutching, that were engineered to push the boundaries to handle the impact of rough terrain.

RZR Wide Open Lineup

RZR Turbo S

With a 72” stance, 168 HP and 32” tires, devour whoops, dunes and desert like no other.

RZR Turbo S 4

With a 72” stance, 168 HP and 32” tires, this 4-seater devours whoops, dunes and desert like no other.

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