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RZR PRO XP Trail Collection

Take your RZR PRO XP on the trail and elevate your ride with Polaris Engineered designed, tested, and trusted accessories.

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Whoever you are, and however you ride, the new RZR PRO XP helps you to live wide open. Fear no terrain and traverse the trails through the ultimate combination of power and style with our RZR PRO XP: Trail accessories. Put our industry-leading thinking to work for your RZR with an unrivaled collection of accessories to give you even more reasons to get out -- and stay out riding.


Highlighted Accessories:

  • Poly Roof
  • Full Poly Windshield
  • Winch
  • Vehicle Protection
  • Doors
  • Storage/Spare Tire Carrier


Available for 2 Seat & 4 Seat models

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