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Achats par véhicule
Achats par véhicule
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Veuillez vous connecter sur votre compte Polaris pour ajouter un véhicule à My garage( mon garage) pour pouvoir trouver les bons produits plus facilement et plus rapidement.
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Pump up the Volume


Jam out while you ride with our Audio Roofs. This side by side roof comes with built-in speakers so you can enjoy premium sound without needing to put together a complete system from individual components. You won’t need to worry about having oversized speaker pods stick out from your vehicle because the audio system is mounted inside the roof. With premium engineering and design, you’ll have enough power to ensure the music out muscles everything else.


Quick and Easy to Install


Easy to install! Install your SxS roof in minutes, hassle-free, and with minimal tools. Each RZR® comes with designated mounting positions on the frame, which takes the guessing and risk of mistake out of the installation process. Every RZR® SxS roof comes with a powder-coated finish and a convenient one year warranty.


Customize Your Ride


The way your ride looks says a lot about who you are. Adding a customized and uniquely colored roof to your Polaris® vehicle can help you express your personality and style. Whether you have a two seat or a four seater, Polaris® has a SxS roof to fit your ride perfectly. If you’re looking for something a little less rugged, check out our canvas roof that’s perfect for sunny conditions and desert terrain.


For the rest of your RZR® needs, feel free to visit our Vehicles, Apparel, Accessories and Parts & Service pages.