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Installing the Extreme Audio Roof

The above video demonstrates how to install the S10-L Extreme Audio Roof by MB Quart® on your Polaris RZR. The video includes: modifying the stock visor (1:01), unboxing the roof (1:53), removing the rear screws from the roof (2:12), mounting the roof (2:35), passing wiring (3:26), removing the hood and speedometer cover (4:08), passing wiring (4:34), making busbar connections (4:49), reassembling the front (5:09), reattaching the negative battery terminal (6:00) and testing the feature of the roof (6:14).

The roof is part number 2882066. For more information, view the installation instructions. The instructions include which hardware kit replacement parts can be found in. To order a kit, see your Polaris Dealer. Find a dealer near you with the Dealer Locator.

More information on audio options is available in the RZR audio customization guide.

MB Quart® is a registered trademark of Maxxsonics USA Inc.

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