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RZR XP 1000 Trails & Rocks


Desde $23,599 Precio de venta sugerido por el fabricante en EE. UU.


Our rock crawler commands the impassable for superior performance in the most challenging terrain.

RZR customer from Ozarks, AR

"Love my 1000 R&T edition. Strong machine that is very capable of handling extremely rough terrain."


Engineered for Rock Crawling

The instant delivery of 110 naturally aspirated horsepower is fed through 55% lower gearing & new low-speed throttle mapping for perfect modulation of our True On-Demand All Wheel Drive system.

Controlled Chaos

Rocks, stumps, silt sand, mud, all being encountered at high-speed. Tame it with an incredible 20.5" of suspension travel, 14" ground clearance, massive 30" crawler tires with Beadlocks and stage-tuned Walker Evans Needle Shocks.

Recovery Ready

Recovery comes standard for challenging crawls with a 4,500 lb Polaris Winch. Avoid using it with high-visibility fender flares to see your line & rock sliders to skid over when you can't.

Instinctive Control

Industry-leading agility is no accident. It is the combination of chassis, suspension, steering geometry, AWD and power to create an off-road vehicle with a level of high-performance handling and agility so responsive, it practically reads your mind.

Tougher than the Trails

This vehicle is more than just a low-speed crawler. When boulders are replaced with twisting terrain, toughness and performance are ready to be released. This model features a Click-6 Harness that secures you in while power is fed through the strengthened half-shafts and as you propel over rocks and stumps with all-around high clearance suspension components.


Add your favorite Polaris Engineered accessories from lightbars to bumpers to windshields, your options are limitless to make your RZR one of a kind.

RZR XP Trails and Rocks roof lightbar
RZR XP Trails and Rocks windshield
Close-up of a RZR bumper with winch

Trim & Color Options

RZR XP 1000 Trails & Rocks Polaris Blue


  • HP




RZR XP 1000 Trails & Rocks

Desde $23,599 Precio de venta sugerido por el fabricante en EE. UU.
Trim & Color Options Polaris Blue


  • 20.5”/20.5" Usable Travel
  • Walker Evans Needle Shocks
  • 30” Pro Armor Crawler XG Tires & Beadlocks
  • 14.5” Ground Clearance


  • 55% Lower Low Gear
  • Low Speed Throttle Mapping
  • Xtreme Performance AWD
  • Hi-Clearance Arms & Rods
  • 4,500 lb Winch
  • Lower Doors

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