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Planning and Uploading a Ride for Your Ride Command Display

Navigate to the ROUTES section of the Ride Command website. Click PLAN in the top right. 

Click on the map to add your starting location. Then click to add more waypoints and your destination. Once satisfied with your route, name it, add any notes you have and save it. 

planning a route on Ride Command website

Next, go to RIDES/PLACES. 

rides and places tab

Select the ride and choose DOWNLOAD in the pop-up menu. 

download route

The file will download as a gpx. file. Once downloaded, transfer the file to a USB flash drive. 

g p x file

Turn your vehicle's key ON to boot up the Ride Command display. You do not need to start the vehicle. Plug the USB flash drive into the USB port. The location of your USB port depends on your vehicle. Consult your Owner's Manual for the location. 

Pull down the Polaris button to enter the settings menu. On the left side, select IMPORT/EXPORT. 

import export button

On the next screen, select COPY TO/FROM USB on the right side. 

copy to or from U S B

The left side of the next screen will display rides and waypoints currently on your vehicle. The right side will display files from your USB flash drive. Locate the file you would like to transfer onto your vehicle and press the arrow button. The file will be added to the bottom of the left list. 

transfer ride onto Ride Command display

Your planned ride can now be accessed on your Ride Command display. Exit the menu and safely remove your USB flash drive. 

To view your planned ride on your display, pull up the map icon on the bottom of your display. Then select RIDES & WAYPOINTS. 

rides and waypoints navigation

On the next screen, select the ride from the list on the left side of the screen. 

select ride

For more information, visit the Ride Command website

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