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RZR XP 1000


2022 RZR XP 1000 Sport Cruiser Black is rated 4.4 out of 5 by 883.
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Fun, Fast and reliable, so far I really am enjoying my RZR, a few things I wish it had different on it, wish the wheels were all the same size so upgrading tires and adding a spare was easier. The factory Ride command speakers are loud but dont sound very good, no substance, no bass at all. Haven't had many issues with getting through or over something, again, bigger tires would help. Looking at my friends Kawasaki the radius arms and a arms are much thicker and look stronger, they might not be but they look more durable. Over all so far I do really love my RZR, just a few areas that need improvement/different approach.
Date published: 2021-10-10
Rated 3 out of 5 by from 2018 rzr xp1000 I bought this in November, by February I had went threw 3 drive belts. Took it to polaris and found out it was the primary clutch. It's now almost June haven't had much problems but the rzr hasn't been off road much, besides in my yard, and the belt is starting to slip again. I hate that I paid that much on a machine and am afraid to go ride anywhere because I'm afraid it's going to leave me stranded. I really would like to purchase a new General but I'm afraid of the same thing happening.
Date published: 2018-06-03
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Would'nt have anything else. We went from a Can Am Commander to our RZR and there is no comparison. The only down side to the RZR is the storage. We ride in a large group and most of the time we make a long day out of it. We love to stop and grill and hang out so I had to get creative with the cargo area so I could pack my tools, cooler and other essentials that we need. It would be great if Polaris came out with a Utility version where everything (suspension, engine, HP, clearance, etc.) was the same as the RZR XP1000, but incorporated a larger cargo area. All in all, I would trade it for anything else out there on the market.
Date published: 2018-06-21
Rated 2 out of 5 by from Great machine love the technology. Love this machine so much way better than my 2016 rzr 900. Only reason I left a 2 star because it’s something I can’t hardly stand and really wish it would get fixed and made right. Had not even 100 miles on it and check engine light keeps popping up with power steering light and sends me into limp mode every single time I shut off the machine and start it back up. Pops up the same codes every time. I have taken to my Polaris dealer and they can’t figure out the issue. Really upsets me I spend that much on a machine and it has a bug like that. I love the rzrs I always have the comfort the especially the looks is why I go Polaris. But this is a bit of a set back for me
Date published: 2020-08-21
Rated 5 out of 5 by from RZR Life is Great! I bought mine as a Christmas present to myself, best present ever...I have always wanted one and I have no regrets about getting this one! Has a retired Marine, I found something to give me that rush again, which was missing and the bonus is even my 17 yr old teenage son gets out of his room to go and ride. Everything is better in a Polaris RZR baby! Note- Always had motorcycles all of my life. After I retired from the Marine Corps, I sold my bike to move back to Ga. My wife told me I could get a new Harley but I wanted a Polaris RZR 1000 instead. Best SxS out there!
Date published: 2019-03-28
Rated 3 out of 5 by from 2nd RZR not getting any better This is my 2nd RZR. I have a 2017 and a 2020. The 2020 is just as noisy as the 2017. It rattles and clanks and the fit and finish has not gotten any better. It runs great but a little loud. The new shape of the 2020 makes the dash too high for short riders( my wife) and the windshield no linger fits well. I bought it so I could have 2 of the same vehicle for easier maintenance. The performance is great and the ride is the best out there. I've ridden them all. These are very good machines, but could be better.
Date published: 2020-10-27
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great machine I bought this 3 months ago and I love it. Worth every penny. It has all the upgrades I would have added after the purchase all ready installed. Fuel injection workers perfectly at elevation over 12 000 feet. Lower low range works great on rocky Colorado trails. Tried to use winch for first time and it didn't work. It's under warranty so I will bring it back to the dealer.
Date published: 2018-06-09
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Nice vehicle, lots of fun Have owned this XP 1000 for about three months after owning a 2011 800 S LE for five years. Much more power, better ride and power steering. Would give it a 4.75 stars if I could. Love the vehicle but, not quite perfect. Think it should come with full doors or wider front fenders from factory to keep mud and water off the passengers, shouldn't have to pay extra to stay a little cleaner. Sometimes gear indicator says it is in gear but, isn't and causes grinding noise if you try to get ut in wirhout shutting off engine first. Minor issues, still very happy with rig.
Date published: 2018-07-16
Rated 5 out of 5 by from RUNS AND RIDES GREAT! I bought this RZR 8/27/19, I was vacationing in Silverton Co. Went back to Co. and stayed thru October. We put over 600 miles on the RZR riding the passes and trails around Silverton. It performed great, rides 100% better than our Gador that we took back home in August and pick up the RZR I order. I did have a issue with the it making a noise when you let off the gas. I took it back to East Texas Powersports and they fixed it was the belt hitting the case. I'm very pleased with the service and the RZR.
Date published: 2019-11-26
Rated 2 out of 5 by from Two major faults in the first 800 miles. My RZR developed a serious transmission leak in the first 200 miles. The car had to be roughly 40% dismantled to remove the transmission for repair. The Technician told me that mine was the 13th transmission leak like this that he had repaired. When the Polaris Certified Technician test drove it after the repair, a failing front Demand Drive differential was discovered. The main pinion bearing was defective therefore the pinion to ring gear alignment was incorrect which damaged those gears and required replacement. As the car had suffered two major breakdowns before it had 50 hours on it, I felt compelled to purchase the extended warranty. The car has been in the shop for two weeks but should be ready soon, so I am told.
Date published: 2021-10-23
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Good unit, but not perfect When I ordered this unit back in September, one of the top deciding factors for me was the Ride Command feature. Specifically the "group ride".However when I recieved the Rzr in December, to my surprise many features had been changed. Including "group ride, front camera" of course I was disappointed. I then made several attempts to contact support, regarding the "group ride" and never got a response. So therefore I have no faith that this review will even be recieved. Feeling cheated. Ron R.
Date published: 2019-03-12
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Dealer maintained and still only lasted 450 miles It was a fun toy. Fun to play with, but even after the dealer did all required maintenance at intervals more frequent than recommended. The engine had to be replaced at less than 500 miles. Ruined our vacation and even after its replaced I'm supposed to trust it to get from point a to point b? I don't think so.
Date published: 2018-07-19
Rated 2 out of 5 by from Love driving it, but get no help from dealer. The machine performs great for about 300 miles then it eats a drive belt and the dealer won't do anything about it, but charge me for a belt and say there is nothing wrong. I have 700 miles on the machine since I got it 3-4 months ago and have had belt problems over and over, dealer just suggests put another belt on clean it and go. I ride this machine exactly how I have been instructed and do everything I can to prolong belt life. While the belt is good this machine is amazing I love it, but can't keep it going long enough to really enjoy it.
Date published: 2019-09-20
Rated 2 out of 5 by from Very good machine Very good machine, however the known issue with the speed sensor is a little annoying. I recently purchased this machine along with a 2021 High lifter RZR. This past weekend of riding both machines malfunctioned while deep in the trails and a long way away from dealer. I was able to purchase the part needed to continue my vacation but this was a little of a let down because both machines had less than 80 miles on them at the time of the incident.
Date published: 2021-07-21
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Ride Command The Ride Command is a nice touch. The problem I have with it is the GPS and the phone app. Using the GPS while on a ride for me is next to worthless. All it shows is a brown screen with direction arrow. Zoom in zoom out still no use. Although I found you can download maps for it, conversions might be necessary if possible. Visiting your web site or asking your dealer gave me no real solutions. The phone app is so-so but the EULA that you have to agree to use it is ridiculous. To use the app why do you get rites to everything (pictures, locations, phone etc.). At this point I would strongly advise people that the Ride Command feature is not well supported and not worth the extra money paid for it plus any information gathered by Polaris becomes their property.
Date published: 2019-04-12
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Beyond frustrated with speed and brake sensors My Rzr is exactly what I want in a side by side and deserves 5 stars except I’ve had it for 3 months now and have had issues on every trip. The reason I bought a new RZR this year was to have worry free trips but this hasn’t been the case. I am on my second brake switch and third speed sensor and yet my RZR is sitting in my garage with no power steering, speedometer not working, brake lights stuck on, throttle randomly cutting out and in limp mode. And on top of that being told parts are back ordered for 2 months. Luckily I hung on to my 2012 XP 900 RZR so I can still get out. Besides this, Polaris really knocked it out of the park with this machine. It’s everything I could ever ask for just super unfortunate something so silly is making me regret my purchase
Date published: 2021-06-24
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Having Fun With My Grandkids I bought my RZR to be able to go out and play with my Grandkids. I still like to ride bikes and quads now and then but as I get older the RZR is easier on my body when I spend a whole day (or weekend) "tearing it up" with the kids. I don't have any problems keeping up with them and sometimes I have to back off a little so that they can keep up with me. My oldest Grandson (19) has found that it's pretty cool to take it out to spend time away from the crowd with his girlfriend since she is very timid on the quads.
Date published: 2021-02-23
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Poor quality control from Polaris Bought my machine about 2 months ago and started the break in process on my property in mostly low range. At 19miles (yes miles) the check engine light came on for a misfire code and the cvt started shifting very hard. Took it to the Polaris dealer where I bought it and they said that the belt was totally destroyed in a small portion of it and that the primary clutch what machining itself on the inboard sheaves. They of course attributed this to being my fault as if I was power braking the machine. I asked the dealership to download the ECU to show that the machine was operated under normal conditions, eventually they did and it showed nothing out of the ordinary as far as other codes or abnormal temperatures or speeds. This wasn’t covered under any warranty but after numerous phone calls to corporate I was able to obtain a “good Will” coupon for most of the repairs (needed a new primary and belt). After waiting for almost 3weeks for a back ordered primary and many frustrating phone calls to my dealership and corporate I was able to pick up my RZR once again. I picked up the machine and when I got home took the clutch cover off because I didn’t trust the dealership’s maintenance abilities. When I started the machine with the cover off I discovered that it still wasn’t fixed because the secondary clutch and primary clutch were both spinning at about the same speed in park at an idle. Did Polaris check the cvt at manufacture? Probably not. Did the dealership even attempt to troubleshoot the actual problem By simply looking at the cvt run the first time I brought it in? No. How about after they replaced the primary, did they take even a glimpse at the cvt after install? My guess is no! I had an in person heart to heart with the dealership owner and he agreed to come pick it up and finally fix it. Turns out the alignment of the engine and primary were off causing the belt to be engaged with the inboard sheave of the primary even at an idle. I did receive the machine back the next day and it appears to be fixed but time will tell if I have even more cvt issues down the road. Overall my confidence in Polaris pretty much went to 0 and I am still very unhappy with how this whole debacle was handled. If I was in the market again I would have bought the Honda Talon.
Date published: 2019-10-22
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Good Machine We've been able to put a little more than 100 miles on our RZR; lots of road a basic trail time. Overall, I am most impressed by the Ride Command, a feature I would HIGHLY recommend. There is more than enough power for what I need. The springs are absolute garbage; rides way too rough considering there are Walker Evan shocks. Likely will need to spend more and swap out the springs.
Date published: 2018-10-14
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Awesome machine, ride command sucks. I wish I had not spent the extra money for the ride command. I love everything about the machine but the gps....I'm disappointed with. I ride the black hills of south dakota. No trails on the base map. If you buy gps for your car and it didn't have any roads would you like that? I doubt it. Forget the uploaded rides because most of them are roads taking you from here to there. Actual trails are far and few between. I can use Avenza maps on my phone and get a better gps experience....and that's a free app. Even the snowmobile base map has some trails. The atv base map has NOTHING. I get angry every time I think about it. You don't need to rely on trail managers or whatever you call people who upload their rides....Just use USDA forest maps overlayed on your base map and there you go....trails are ALL there. Like I tell the machine but save your money for the ride command.
Date published: 2020-09-09
Rated 3 out of 5 by from 2018 RZR 1000 xp At first glance this machine is amazing. First ride I went to NH for some riding. Not hard riding just riding old logging trails. The machine did amazing and was surprisingly comfortable. After one day of riding I put the RZR back in the trailer only to find out BOTH of my brand new machines rear shocks (Evan Williams) were leaking. Bad. That to me is insane!! Machines been at the dealer since waiting on a response from Polaris as to what to do. It’s been 5 weeks. The “Polaris” parts I ordered off there website or from there magazine have been decent at best. The mirror crapped out on the first day, there response after two months was a gift card which was nice. Shocks are shot, they are going to rebuild them allegedly on a brand new machine. Windows and doors from Polaris I ordered and installed are flimsy at best and don’t fit right with gaps everywhere, as well as the door lowers. One fit perfect, the other has a 6” gap at the bottom. Windshield fit decent but is crooked. POLARIS GET IT TOGETHER!!!! You have a good machine but REALLY need to work on customer service and response to issues!!!
Date published: 2018-11-11
Rated 1 out of 5 by from The worst purchase of my life! I have never bought something that was broken from the date of purchase and get the run around like polaris has with me. I have owned the 2021 xp1000 for 3 months now and it's been in the shop for 7 weeks. To me this isn't the way to conduct business. Mountain Motorsports has been amazing in trying to accommodate me for the minimum effort polaris is doing to remedy the problem.
Date published: 2021-05-17
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Over all I am happy with the bike I would have given it a 5 star but my bike is currently in the shop with a bad clutch noise and it not quite two months old
Date published: 2019-05-30
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Amazing vehicles I had no idea how well designed and engineered this beast is, but it can go over terrain I would never take a truck over and its suspension is remarkable. I wasn't sure about the belt-driven engine, but it is very efficient, accelerates smoothly and quickly, and holds you back going down hill. It is the perfect off-road vehicle for challenging terrain.
Date published: 2021-02-10
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Nothing but garbage Bought new in June 2021. Went through 3 belts within 70 miles come to find out the clutches were junk. Took 2 months to get repaired and when I finally got it back took it out after about 10 min of riding died and went into limp mode, back to the shop again. Ended up replacing throttle body, speed sensor, brake switch and the ecu. Got it back 3 weeks later and sold the thing. All my buddies have similar problems with the sport edition and the turbo models. I will NEVER buy or recommend anyone buy anything Polaris in my life. Pure JUNK and a waste of money.
Date published: 2021-09-11
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Best Purchase I've Ever Made!! The Machine is almost Flawless! Will climb, eat, and drive, anywhere I've pointed it. I have had some EPS Issues and the belt makes some pretty terrible noises every now and again. If I had to change anything, it would be smoother suspension, different factory seat belts, maybe more toward a harness type. Right now they cut a person in half and the retractor gets really stiff!!!! Price is a little over whelming, and I think should be adjusted a little bit, beyond that I am impressed.
Date published: 2018-08-09
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Very fun machine I bought this unit in April and have put 750 miles on it within 3 months. I have rode several terrain types including slow trails, fast trails, mud, creek riding, rock crawling, and some pretty knarly hill climbing. The rock crawling took the biggest toll on the unit caused by some belt slippage in low range. I've added a few accessories and found an under-hood power supply that made the winch go in super smooth. I really liked this feature. The only thing I would change if I could is the lowest air intake for the belt box. It seems a waste to have the air intake and exhaust up on the bed side and have a duct that is open in front of the engine so low to the ground. Also, the foam seal in the belt cover is less than desirable. Other than that I love the machine and just wish I could afford two of them!
Date published: 2018-07-17
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Best RZR yet for crawling This was my 3rd RZR after a 900 trails and a regular XP 1000. I liked it so much I bought a second one and am selling the regular XP 1000. The gearing makes a huge difference when you're crawling since you get much smoother engagement on the belt and you can modulate power much better. Plus, it puts you in a higher power band. Only negative is that the low tops out around 15 mph so for normal, even slow trails, you have to use high which I suspect will wear the belt out faster, but oh well. My biggest complaint is that starting 2021 the Trails and Rocks edition shares the blue color scheme with the standard XP 1000 so my friends that see my RZR can't tell off the bat how much cooler mine is than theirs! :)
Date published: 2021-05-19
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Ride command I was told the Ride Command still had the group ride feature by the salesman that sold it to me. My wife liked the idea of being able to follow me without eating dust while I was on my dirt bike. This was one of the deciding factors in spending the extra money for the Ride Command option. If you look at the current website it also leads you to believe that this is still a feature on the new models. I paid for them, but apparently this feature along with the Gopro feature were discontinued for 2019. I love the 2019 RZR XP1000 but I'm not very happy about being sold something I didn't receive. If they were going to discontinue a feature they should at least make sure their salesmen and the customers are informed.
Date published: 2019-06-28
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Not real happy My warranty is almost up and i'm not happy with it at all. It has burnt up 2 drive belts already, and the hill it happened on my gas golf cart would climb. It has to have something wrong for the belts to be burning like this. Now it is stuck in limp mode.This is a 2018 1000 XP bought brand new October 18 2017. I just want it fixed.
Date published: 2018-04-11
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Starting at $20,499 US MSRP
Plus destination charge and set-up.
Logistics surcharge of $400 will apply.*

*May be shown with additional modifications or accessories.



Put yourself firmly in control, even in the most unpredictable terrain, with the extreme performance of 110 HP, 20” of usable travel, 64” stance and the definitive grip of 29” tires. From the assertive shape outside and the refined cockpit within, RZR XP 1000 delivers performance you can see and feel.

RZR Reviews

RZR XP 1000 Customer from Easton, PA
"I am not sure I have made a better purchase in my life. This is a super fun way for my wife and I to enjoy our weekends, spend time with friends, and get outside and enjoy nature."


polaris rzr xp 1000 driving through the dunes


Face challenging terrain head-on with a vehicle that has defined the category by every measure. The RZR XP 1000 is engineered for unwavering performance with an ideal blend of power, suspension and agility in a perfectly-balanced chassis that provide the ultimate in confidence and control.

polaris rzr xp 1000 riding on rough forest trail


The chiseled and muscular stance of the RZR XP 1000 puts every kind of terrain on alert as you conquer rough trails in a vehicle that performs as good as it looks. Premium digital instruments within keep driver and machine in-tune, while sharp LED accents outside set you apart from the pack.

polaris xp 1000 with ride command cruising through the dunes


From navigating new trails with GPS mapping to checking your vehicle's diagnostics, upgrading to POLARIS XP 1000 Premium with RIDE COMMAND gives you industry-exclusive control, right at your fingertips.


Create a RZR as unique as you are with an incredible selection of factory-engineered accessories that add capability, protection, performance, comfort and more.

polaris xp 1000 with lightbar, roof, bumpers and windshield installed

Protection from the Elements

Shield yourself from the harshest elements with roofs or add extra protection with Polaris bumpers and guards.

polaris xp 1000 with RIGID and pro armor lighting accessories installed

Light up the Night

Take on the night with RIGID & Pro Armor light bars.

* Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) subject to change. The MSRP is subject to a potential maximum increase of 5% for pre-ordered vehicles that ship after March 31, 2022. MSRP also excludes destination and handling fees, tax, title, license and registration. Dealer prices may vary.

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