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RZR Turbo R 4 Features

The New Standard in Wide Open. Check out the Performance Science video below to learn more about all the features of the RZR Turbo R.


RZR Turbo R 4 is the gateway to a powerful new breed of side-by-side delivering the perfect blend of extreme performance, rugged strength and ultimate stability for confident control with room for four.

181-HP Turbo-Charged Engine

Get power-on-demand from this 181-HP 4-stroke DOHC twin-cylinder turbocharged machine delivering intense corner-to-corner acceleration.

Electronic Power Steering

Rack-mounted, high assist electronic power steering with quick turn rack delivers confident control in and out of corners and across uneven terrain.

Power Up Your Ride

Accessories are power hungry. Turbo R makes it easy to feed them with a 900-watt stator and the quick-connect Polaris Pulse System.


RZR pioneered the sport of side-by-side performance. No RZR has ever covered more miles of dune and desert terrain or knows more about building a machine to endure it.

Robust Suspension

Equipped with a boxed dual a-arm with a 3-piece stabilizer bar on the front-end and boxed gusseting, toe link, high-clearance radius rods and stabilizer bar in the rear.

One-Piece Chassis

Boasts a rigid one-piece chassis and a strengthened driveline so you can push the RZR Turbo R to the extremes repeatedly knowing your ride is up to the test.

Unitized Hubs

Unitized hubs protect your bearings from dust, sand and dirt. Your RZR Turbo R 4 will operate at its prime longer, and you'll have the freedom to ride even farther off-road.


Exceptional power demands exceptional control. Turbo R delivers with its wide stance, extended wheelbase, rugged suspension and four new, ground-breaking DYNAMIX™ DV ride modes.


The industry's most sophisticated suspension controller independently adjusts compression and rebound to keep the TURBO R in contact with the ground on even the most extreme terrain.

MaxLink Suspension System

The new MaxLink Suspension System brings revolutionary strength by attaching the front shocks directly to the lower arms allowing for longer shocks. In back, the patented thru-arm rear toe link helps minimize bump steer throughout the massive travel.

Ultra-Stable Stance

Turbo R's aggressive 74" stance and 125" wheelbase create a rock solid platform that lets you take full advantage of the 16" ground clearance and 28 inches of usable travel.

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