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Diesel Sellerz


State: California


Hoonigan is the fastest growing automotive YouTube channel – bringing fans and brands together, capturing and sharing some of the most exciting and entertaining motorsports content around!


When you think about pushing a vehicle to its absolute limits and having the most fun doing it, no one does that better than the crew from Hoonigan. Established in 2011, Hoonigan has been taking street cars, off-road trucks and high-performance race vehicles and injecting them with a healthy of dose of performance attitude, both under the hood and behind the wheel, and have burned more sets of tires imaginable in the process. Now, Hoonigan will join forces with Polaris RZR, adding to their garage and instantly delivering an elevated level of hooning we haven’t yet seen from the Hoonigan crew. The adrenaline infused performance of RZR is the perfect fit for the Hoonigan crew and their passion for going fast and going crazy. With more than 3.5 million YouTube subscribers, Hoonigan has built an incredibly loyal following of fans who don’t just watch but live the same all-or-nothing lifestyle. Raw, authentic and entertaining, Hoonigan and Polaris RZR are clear leaders in the industry who strive to live wide open, and together represent the most extreme levels of off-road fun.

Hoonigan is known for pushing the limits. Watch what happens when they take their hooning to a whole new level off road in a RZR.